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10W Wireless Triangle Mount Automatic Clamping Car Fast Charger

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Triangle Motor Linkage – A new upgrade design, the motor will automatically clamp the arms and the base, automatically align the coils, and grip at the best angle to maintain the highest charging efficiency and the most stable state. Automatic Infrared Sensing – When the phone is close to the bracket, it will automatically open and be clamped into the phone. The back of the wireless charger has a metal button that can be opened with one touch and can be operated with one hand.

15W Wireless Charger Air Vent Car Holder

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-Smart Automatic Sensor Design -Hands-free and Fully Functional -Universal Wireless Fast Charging -Charges Through Lightweight Cases -Built-in Super Capacitor, Backup

4 in 1 Wireless Charging with Fast Charger Stand

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Intelligent chips control the rapid charging of products and fully optimize charging efficiency

Bedside Night Light with Wireless Charger

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The perfect bedside companion, this clever device can charge your compatible phone wirelessly as you sleep.