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So, how do you qualify for The CEO Creative NET 30 account?

To qualify for an account with theceocreative.com the following minimum criteria must be met:

Only for US businesses
Business must exist for at least 30 days
Clean Business History
No Late payments

Net30 Vendor

Net30 Business Vendor

Which businesses can benefit from our Net 30 Accounts?

Small to medium businesses frequently utilize Net 30 trade credit as a kind of small company finance because the 30-day payment extension allows customers to arrange their budgets and pay on their own terms. Here is just a short list of businesses that can utilize well our Net 30 accounts:

  • Companies that provide B2B services and products
  • Medical clinics
  • Companies that specialize in construction
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Restaurant suppliers

The CEO Creative Net 30 Account: Pros & Cons

Nonetheless, following additional in-depth research, below are some of the primary pros and cons of employing Net 30 in your business:


  • Both the vendor and the customer can take advantage of flexible payment periods.
  • Ensuring future company success
  • An incentive for customers to acquire your products and services
  • Develop a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers.
  • You can include a discount for paying early.


  • The 30-day delay is unaffordable for small businesses.
  • Accounting issues might arise as a result of late payments.

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