The Value of Having a Business Card

From email to the internet, technology has revolutionized corporate communication. While written communication is becoming paperless, one element of printed communications remains: the business card. While it may appear that pinging information between coworkers is more advantageous, it is still necessary to always have a business card.

Here are some of the reasons why business cards are useful business tools:

#1 Brand Identity Marketing

Your company’s brand is represented through the business card. It not only conveys crucial personal contact information such as name, title, email, website, location, and phone number, but it is also frequently the first exposure to the overall picture of the firm. For brand identity, the firm emblem is clearly displayed. Fonts, color, texture, and paper material all send a statement about the sort of industry represented. Specialized printing processes such as embossing, foil stamping, thermography, and lamination can be employed. The business card displays the company’s personality and provides the initial impression.

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#2 Proves Professionalism and Readiness

Everything revolves around the image. Having a business card on hand conveys professionalism and demonstrates adequate preparedness. Being caught off guard without a business card gives the image of being unprepared. Carry a stack of business cards in a card case at all times to communicate a polished appearance.

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#3 Business Cards are Quicker than Digital Information Transmission

There are several apps for smartphones that allow you to wirelessly send contact information; but, the physical business card remains the quickest and easiest way to communicate data. Rather than typing data, many business cards may be distributed in seconds at a networking event. Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced workplace, and nothing surpasses the swift handing out of a business card for speed.

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#4 Certain Clients May Not Own Devices

Because some people do not own digital devices or are not tech-savvy, do not rely on cellphones to communicate contact information. While the majority of our population owns a personal electronic gadget, some people prefer not to use one. Even if both parties utilize digital devices, the applications may not be interoperable. You may always follow up with an email with your digital contact card after exchanging business cards.

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#5 Bussiness Cards are Important for International Business

Doing business abroad is becoming increasingly common as global employment prospects expand. Commerce cards are not only required in international business, but they are also utilized ceremoniously in several cultures. The business card is revered in the majority of Asian countries. It is frequently offered with two hands, never flung, and should be placed in a holder once received—never jammed in a pocket. Exchanging business cards is a tradition in Japan and is regarded a formal introduction to a person. Business cannot begin until business cards are exchanged since this marks the start of a relationship. Business cards are always given face-up with the writing facing the receiver in India, even in non-business contexts. The protocol differs by the nation in the Middle East. In Bahrain, for example, never exchange business cards with your left hand and always thoroughly inspect the business card you get before putting it away.

The printed business card still reigns supreme. A business connection may happen at any time, whether at a networking event or at a coffee shop. A potential client may be lost if you do not have a business card on hand. Exchanging business cards allows you to follow up and get a foot in the door for a commercial deal. It also provides for a personal contact between two people, which is essential for establishing a commercial connection.


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