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2-Tone Stainless Steel Scissors- 8.27″

Stainless steel scissors can be used for various purposes like office and school use, tailoring, and different household activities, Keep a pair in the kitchen, craft room, or a desk drawer-anywhere that will ensure easy accessibility when in need of quick, convenient cutting. Scissors ensure comfortable use, high-quality performance, and a reliably sharp edge.

5 1/2″ Kid’s Safety Scissors (2/Pack)

  • DURABLE. Made of sturdy ABS handle. 3 assorted decorative edges: Wave, Zigzag, Straight cut. Decorative edges give clean and precise cuts. Its blunt tip is safe for beginner or young child.

8″ Two-Tone Soft Grip Stainless Steel Scissors – 1 Piece

-Our scissors come in different shapes and colors. Brilliant designs and color options give you the versatility you need for cutting. Our essential selections are quality assured and dependable, providing tremendous value. For all of your cutting needs in arts, crafts and more, our scissors more than do its job! -1 Random Color