13 Workplace Wellness Tests Your Employees Might Enjoy

Workplace wellness initiatives aren’t always well-received. Employees may claim that they do not work and/or do not have enough time.

However, with the proper execution, your company’s employees might discover satisfaction in living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some innovative wellness challenge ideas to get employees’ heart rates up and stress levels down — all without taking up too much time or invading their privacy.

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1. Positivity test

Positivity is a mental state. Employees should be asked to think positively for seven days to evaluate how it improves their mental health.

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2. Encourage their water consumption.

Every day, eight glasses of water are consumed by healthy persons. Encourage staff to boost their water consumption in order to meet that goal.

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3. A meditation test

Meditation relieves stress and improves concentration. See who can commit to 20 minutes of daily meditation. Wearable stress trackers are excellent tools for reminding your staff to meditate.\

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4. Let them participate in a sports league

Form teams of employees for a sports league and provide a healthy award for the champions. Physical exercise in a group is an excellent method for employees to bond outside of the workplace.

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5. Yoga courses are also available (onsite or virtual)

Yoga is both a stress reliever and a body stretcher. A fun technique to promote exercise is to host daily or weekly yoga sessions electronically or in the office. It’s also a welcoming workout for people of all skill levels.

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6. Create a session of mindful breathing

Use 30 minutes of the workday to collect everyone and commit to a relaxed mindfulness practice.

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7. Gratitude journal

Distribute gratitude diaries to your staff and push them to write down something they’re thankful for every day. Journaling allows you to express your thankfulness in a good, personal way.

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8. Nutritional team meals

Hold daily competitions to see who can bring the most nutritious lunch to work. Nutritious dining as a group fosters togetherness and encourages employees to share a healthy lunch. It also creates camaraderie and encourages employees to take breaks and slow down during the day.

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9. Unexpected gestures of generosity

Employees should be challenged to do something kind that isn’t asked of them every day for a week.

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10. Sleep test

There is no questioning the need of obtaining adequate sleep and maintaining proper sleep hygiene. Request that staff keep track of how many hours of sleep they receive each night. Download a sleep monitoring software for your team to monitor your collective sleeping habits. Alternatively, invest in sleep monitors for your employees to assist them in monitoring their sleeping patterns.

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11. Goal-setting Meetings

Gather your team for a confidence-building activity. Everyone can express their personal or professional ambitions for the next several years during this activity. Assist them in developing a five-year plan that inspires them to aim for long-term objectives.

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12. Planking Test

Planking is a terrific core workout that doesn’t require any special equipment. Set daily targets for how long staff can hold a plank for.

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13. Challenge employees to take a walk or ride their bike to work

Employees can be challenged to save money and protect the environment by walking or cycling to work for a week.

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